All Nations Church, called by Jesus, exists to demonstrate the love of God to the communities in which we live. Through the foundations of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit, we believe that all areas of life are transformed by the love of God: individuals, families, communities, cities and nations. The best way to understand the way we live this out is by attending our Sunday morning meetings or one of our Neighbourhood Churches. Our meetings are characterized by the presence of the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of believers.

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Our Leaders

Steve & Sarah Wilkins
Steve and Sarah married in 2004. They spend a great deal of time and energy providing direction and support to the members of All Nations Church. In the fall of 2014, Steve was recognized as an Ephesians 4 apostle. As a gifted teacher, Steve oversees the direction of the church's preaching and teaching. Sarah taught elementary school before she and Steve became parents to four young children. In the midst of home and family commitments, Sarah spends her days caring for other moms and women in the church.

Mike & Hazel Nicholson
Mike and Hazel, married in 1979, have four wonderful daughters and four grandchildren. They both work for a not-for-profit organization that provides services and support to those who are blind or partially sighted. They moved to Canada from the UK in 1995 to support the work of the churches in Canada, and have lived in Ottawa since 2010. Preaching, teaching and caring for God’s people is their focus in life, and they love being a part of such a great church family and seeing the kingdom of God grow and advance.

Pat & Beth O'Halloran
Patrick and Beth have been married since 2008. Patrick works full-time for All Nations Church and Beth as a nurse. They love Jesus and are passionate about a church that lives for Him.

Todd & Shannon Pulsifer
Todd and Shannon have been married since 1993. Shannon works full-time at home as an Early Childhood Educator, and Todd works full-time in IT for the Ottawa Police Department. Todd was recognized in 2008 as an Ephesians 4 Prophet at the annual Leaders' Conference in the UK. Todd is responsible for preaching at our weekly meetings and providing oversight to our worship team. When they are not filling their time with church activities, the Pulsifers love spending their holidays on outdoor adventures. Having been a part of All Nations since it's inception, we are grateful for their steadfastness to the vision God has given them for the church.

Staff & Board

Beth O'Halloran
Pat O'Halloran
Mike Nicholson
Greg Servage
Sarah Wilkins
Steve Wilkins

The Board
Mike Dearing
Chris Kennedy
Alain Nimenya
Sara Schulz
Allison Wall

Ministries Without Borders

All Nations Church is part of a network of churches that is governed by the apostolic oversight of Keri Jones. Ministries Without Borders is the name given to describe the various churches, ministries, peoples and initiatives that relate to Keri. It is imperative that Ministries Without Borders is not perceived as an organization or denomination, but as a grouping of people called and equipped by God to affect his change in the world today.